Saiyan Watch

The Legend Continues

Episode 33 - The Tail's Tale

Synopsis: After numerous failed tries, Goku ties Elder Kai to a rock and tells him to hold on to the pliers. He flies away as hard as he can, which pulls his tail out to full length and Goku has enough energy to stop Baby as Kibito Kai begins to teleport Goku to the Tuffle planet so he can confront Baby. Back on the Tuffle planet, Majuub creates a giant energy wave and aims it at Baby. After a long struggle, Baby is able to deflect the wave back at Majuub, turning him into chocolate, and eating him. Goku arrives (fueled by the loss of his trusted partner) and powers up to Super Saiyan 3 after Baby discovers that Goku is still alive and he now has a tail. But even with his tail back, he does not seem to have gained any strength. Goku then charges at Baby, but the evil Tuffle grabs him by his tail (golden while in Super Saiyan 3), toss him around in the air and throws him back to the ground, badly injuring him and causing him to regress back to his base form as he loses Super Saiyan 3 permanently. As Baby flies down toward the young Saiyan hero to finish him this time, Goku, realizing he is again no match for his foe, looks up at the Earth (in place of the full moon) and begs his home planet to give him the power. Surprisingly, Goku absorbs the moon's Blutz Waves that is apparently reflecting off the Earth, and powering up in a gigantic Super Saiyan aura, he transforms into a Great Ape: this time with golden fur (including his spiked hair). Though shocked by Goku's amazing new transformation, Baby refuses to believe that Saiyans can transform into Great Apes without the full moon, until he realizes in horror that Goku have used the Earth as the moon's resemblance.?