Saiyan Watch

The Legend Continues

Episode 35 - Goku's Ascension

Synopsis: Again, Goku is seen transforming from a Golden Great Ape to a Super Saiyan 4, but at the beginning of the episode this time. In his new state, Goku's powers are incredible and is now an adult again, thanks to the power of his newly-restored tail and the Earth's Blutz Waves. He tells Pan and Hercule that he will find Baby and will defeat him once and for all. He finds Baby, and they begin to fight. It seems like Baby still has the upper hand, but Goku reveals that he hasn't even been trying. Now on the offensive, Goku seems indestructible. Baby is no match for him. Bulma contacts Baby, saying that she's found a way to focus Blutz Waves onto him, which would turn him into a Great Ape. It turns out that Bulma have created her Blutz Wave Generator. Using her generator, she hits him with this beam just before Goku releases a Kamehameha wave, and Baby transforms into a Golden Great Ape.