Episode 32 - Star Performer's Entry!? Captain Ginyu vs. Son Goku

Synopsis: Goku tells Jeice to take the beaten Recoome and Burter and leave the planet forever. Jeice flees to Captain Ginyu and tells him what has happened. Captain Ginyu has Frieza's men bury the Dragon Balls then sets out with Jeice towards Goku. Meanwhile, Vegeta kills Burter then Recoome. Also, Krillin and Gohan realize that Frieza is heading towards Elder Guru in order to obtain the password to summon the Namekian Dragon. Shortly after this, Captain Ginyu and Jeice arrive to battle Goku. Goku tells Krillin and Gohan to leave. Vegeta tricks Goku and flies away, leaving Goku to fight alone. Goku and Captain Ginyu fight, and after a while Captain Ginyu asks Goku to release his true power. Goku abides and begins to power up.