Episode 35 - A Great Turnabout for Goku!? Super Shenlong, Come Out Right Now!

Synopsis: After killing Jeice, Vegeta sets his sights on Ginyu (still in Goku's body.) Vegeta effortlessly pummels Ginyu, and an attempt by Ginyu to get Vegeta's body is thwarted by Goku who intervenes - ending up back in his own (wounded) body, and Ginyu going back to the body he had before - which he had deliberately wounded. Vegeta begins thrashing Ginyu in his native body, and once again quick thinking on Goku's part prevents Vegeta from being swapped with Ginyu's body - Goku throws a Namekian frog in the path of the beam, trapping Ginyu in the frog's body. Vegeta places Goku in a rejuvenation chamber inside Frieza's spaceship and gives armor to Krillin and Gohan - knowing an inevitable battle against Frieza is in their future. Vegeta begins sleeping to regain strength he lost while fighting Ginyu. Meanwhile, Nail continues to fight Frieza and does no damage to the tyrant. Once beaten and fallen, Nail reveals the truth - the fight was just a diversion to get the password to use the Dragon Balls to the Earthlings! Frieza begins charging back towards his spaceship, noticing his scouter no longer shows the power levels for the Ginyu Force. Krillin, Gohan, and Dende take the Dragon Balls, and Dende uses the password to summmon Porunga, the Namekian Dragon Balls' equivalent of Shenron.