Episode 36 - Enraged Freeza Draws Near! Porunga... Please Grant Our Wish!

Synopsis: Porunga, the Namekian Eternal Dragon, is summoned. However Krillin, Gohan and Dende are met with some bad news when they discover that only one dead friend can be resurrected per wish! Piccolo communicates with the Earthlings, telling them to revive him and wish him to the Planet Namek. Dende speaks the first wish and Piccolo's halo disappears - and Kami is resurrected on Earth, much to Mr. Popo's joy. The second wish is made, however, Piccolo is nowhere in sight. Dende tells them that they wished him to the Planet Namek and not their specific location, however - so the third wish can be used to transport him to that particular spot. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worst. Vegeta is awakened by sensing the approaching Frieza's power, and quickly awakens and rushes to where the Earthlings are making their wishes. He threatens them for stealing his chance at immortality, though they accidentally reveal that there is one more wish left - which he would be able to use to get immortality. He tells Dende to make him immortal, and with Frieza fast approaching, Krillin reluctantly tells Dende to wish Vegeta immortal - stating that, if nothing else, he is at least better than Frieza. Before he can deliver the wish, however, the Eldest Namek dies, causing the Dragon Balls to stop working. Vegeta is outraged at the Earthlings since his chance for immortality has one again been foiled. His anger at the Earthlings doesn't last, however, since Frieza arrives at the battlefield at that very moment. The tyrant begins charging up, terrifying everyone but Vegeta who seems strangely calm. The entire planet begins to shake violently as Frieza summons his power - as Goku remains in the rejuvenation chamber, slowly still recovering from the injuries his body had taken during the earlier Ginyu conflict.