Episode 68 - And the monster appears... Appearance! It's Super Namek!

Synopsis: Trunks, Gohan, and Bulma are investigating the other time machine when Gohan notices a strange shell that has been cast off by a monster. On the way back to her house, Bulma is watching the news which is describing that thousands of people are randomly disappearing as if they melted away in their clothes. She tells the others at Master Roshi's house to tune in and watch as well. Kami watches in horror as the people are killed and finally decides that it is time to merge with Piccolo. Before merging he also says that the evil in Piccolo is mostly gone and the world needs not a Kami right now but a hero. When merged the Namekian states that he is neither Piccolo nor Kami anymore but a Namekien who has long since forgotten his true name then departs off Kami's lookout and arrives at the scene of the crime where all of the killings have been taking place. Trunks also starts heading over there. As Piccolo looks around the monster finally shows himself to Piccolo.