Episode 69 - I am Your Sibling! The Monster with the Ki of Goku

Synopsis: Back at Kami's house Chichi says that Goku is nearly healed. The monster uses the sting on his tail and starts sucking the life force out of a man which causes the man to melt away. The monster seems to know Piccolo's name and says that he is his brother. The others detect multiple Ki readings, seeming to come from many different people, including Goku, all gathered in one spot but everyone states that this is impossible and Gohan goes to check on Goku but he is still fast asleep in his bed. Krillin and Trunks start to head over to Gingertown meanwhile Piccolo and the monster starts fighting. The androids sense an atmospheric vibration and state that one of the power readings rivals Android 17's. The monster survives Piccolo's attack and then uses a Makankosappo on him. Piccolo is shocked but deflects the attack. The monster says that the reason why Piccolo is beating him for now is because he has not achieved his 'perfect form' and the reason why he was sucking all life energy from the people in the town was to increase his own life energy. He also tells Piccolo that the person who sent him back into the time machine was himself;he had to revert himself back into egg form to fit inside the time machine. The monsters suprises Piccolo by using the Kamehameha technique on Piccolo and then teleports behind Piccolo and starts sucking the life out of Piccolo's arm. Piccolo escapes with a shriveled arm by headbutting the monster in the head. The monster states that his name is Cell and that he is an android.