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Episode 88 - Showdown! Cell vs. Goku!

Synopsis: Full Power Super Saiyan Goku and Cell begin to fight, and despite putting on an impressive performance, Gohan and Vegeta both realize that neither of them is using their full power yet. Both fighters then raise their power level to their maximum. After a brief battle, Cell begins to attack using techniques 'inherited' from other characters--first Tien's?Multi-Form?technique, then Piccolo's?Makankosappo, and finally Frieza's heat-seeking?Kienzan?attack. When Goku overcomes each of these techniques, Cell prepares a full-power?Kamehameha?capable of destroying the Earth. Goku diverts the attack away from the planet by taking to the sky, and then uses the Instant Transmission to escape back to the ring. However, when Cell utilizes his full speed, he becomes to fast for Goku to keep up with him.?