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Episode 19 - Dragonball Z: Resurrection of F

Synopsis: The remnants of Frieza's army, led by an alien named?Sorbet?(????Sorube?), head to Earth where they convince?Pilaf, Mai, and Shu, who have collected the Dragon Balls, to summon the wish-granting dragonShenron. Sorbet makes a wish to revive Frieza, but Shenron can only bring him back to life in the form of the pieces that?Future Trunks?cut up, which Sorbet's minions reassemble using their advanced technology over the following two months. Once restored, Frieza plans revenge against the Super Saiyans, but upon learning that?Goku?has gotten stronger to the point of defeating?Majin Buu, he postpones the invasion so he can train himself for the first time in his life.